Neil calls started when a group of Hamiltonites (NeilHoughton, MattCairns and DanielLawson) imitated their favourite TV show -- Terrance And Phillip.

They'd wander down the street saying in perfect Canadian "Yah a dick", "No, Yah a dick!" etc...

This mutated so when someone mentioned something (eg: a dirty old car) people would reply (Again in perfect Canadian) "Yah a dirty old car" etc...

This continued on until someone mentioned something "good", eg: "That's pretty sweet". You couldn't reply with "Yah pretty sweet", people might start making unfounded assumptions, so instead the first Neil call was made, "Neil thinks Yah pretty sweet". After a while the canadian accent was dropped.

This stuck, and to this day if you say something, chances are someone will say "Neil thinks you're ....". Other frequent varients (usually used as a response) is "Neil wants to give you ten pounds of ....", and, if you're MattCairns, then the third varient is "Neil wants to give you ten pounds of ....... in the ASS!".

This is of course highly immature. So what? :)

Somewhat replaced by the YaMumCall.