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-!!! The MozillaThunderbird Mail Project  
+[Mozilla Thunderbird|] is a cross platform, stand alone [GUI] MailClient. It is the successor to MozillaMail. It is a perfect match for MozillaFirefox.  
-;: MozillaThunderbird is a redesign of the MozillaMail component. Our goal is to produce a cross platform stand alone mail application using the XUL user interface language. Our intended customer is someone who uses MozillaFirefox (or another standalone browser) as their primary browser and wants a mail client based on [Mozilla] that "plays nice" with the browser. In addition, by focusing solely on mail, we believe we can make some dents in the overall footprint and performance of the mail client by removing components and chrome we don't need. On top of that, the UI becomes much cleaner as a stand alone application as opposed to being part of the [Mozilla] suite.  
-! See also:  
-* [Mozilla Thunderbird Project homepage | /thunderbird/]  
-* [Mozilla Thunderbird Help|]  
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