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-MicrosoftCorporation's GroupWare client. They describe it as "PersonalInformationManager and communication solution." [] 
+Outlook (now MicrosoftOffice Outlook as of v2003) is MicrosoftCorporation's GroupWare client. [ They describe it|] as a "PersonalInformationManager and communication solution."  
-Talks to MicrosoftExchange, [IMAP], [POP3]. 
+Immensely popular with corporate users due to its strong (and closed) integration with server product MicrosoftExchange via [MAPI]. Outlook also talks open protocols such as [IMAP] and [POP3]. With closed-source addons such as Bynari's InsightConnector or the plugin, you can use Outlook to do shared calendaring against a database or IMAP backend
-With Bynari's InsightConnector, can do shared calendaring against [Cyrus ] IMAP
+There are [lots of addons| ] for it, and you can write anything you want to add to it with VisualBasic
-There are [lots of addons|http://directory] for it
+Criticised for a chequered security history which lead to the propogation of dozens of internet worms . Recent versions have addressed most of these issues (by default, executable attachments are blocked, images don't load in HTML emails, items are not auto previewed, etc)
-Famous for its lax security which lets dozens of internet worms propogate
+!!Outlook is slow running over a VPN  
+Apply the following .reg snippet:  
+[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Exchange\Exchange Provider]  
+The default value uses RPC first, and also includes spx, named pipes, netbios, and even Banyan Vines! Thanks to [this Tek-Tips thread|]