NathanWard is considering selling public IP addresses over the MetaNet. See NathanWard for details about that.

Several MetaNet users have public IP addresses routed to thier homes over the MetaNet, incl GavinGrieve and PerryLorier (I think), and now NathanWard.

This is how I've done my routing:

      Internet ------- My public router (it has to it at present)
         |                    ||
         |                    ||
     ADSL line                ||
       A |                    ||
         |      B             //
         |----- linux box ====/

===  and  ||   MetaNet
---  and  |    'Normal' network
  • The linux box has 1 NIC in it, but really, 2 would be nicer.
  • Interface A has and
  • Interface B has
  • The default route on the linux box points at

Now, you need to do this:

echo -e "1\tpublic_to_world" >> /etc/iproute2/rt_tables
ip route add via dev wan0 table public_to_world
ip rule add from to pref 3000 lookup main
ip rule add from to pref 4000 lookup main
ip rule add from to pref 5000 lookup main
ip rule add from to pref 6000 lookup public_to_world

On some ISP's you don't need to be so complicated, turn off rp_filter, and just send them out your default gateway. Orcon for instance allow this.