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 * IPv6 Capable Linux Box see [IPv6Setup] 
 * Working Knowledge of IPv6 
 !! Getting Yourself a 6bone /48 from Freenet6 
-Visit /new_account .pl and create an account for yourself. It is recommended that you use your metanet site name as your userid for freenet6 as they use it to setup your AAAA record.%%% 
+Visit /register .asp and create an account for yourself. It is recommended that you use your metanet site name as your userid for freenet6 as they use it to setup your AAAA record.%%% 
 !! Installing the Freenet6 client 
 ! Debian 
  apt-get install freenet6 
  /etc/init.d/freenet6 stop 
 ! Red Hat 
-Download and install a suitable RPM from []. 
+Download and install a suitable RPM from [ /download.shtml]. 
 !! Configuring the Freenet6 client. 
 Check your inbox. Hopefuly you have received an email containing your Freenet6 username and password. Remeber them, you'll need them in a second.%%% 
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  ipv6 nd prefix-advertisement 3ffe:b80:1f16:0001::/64 
 This will cause zebra to do router announcements on eth0 for your internal ranges. Any machine on that network will hear the router announcements and will automatically assign itself an IP address out of that range. 
 Make sure your client machines have ipv6 enabled see [IPv6Setup] for more information on this. 
+*NOTE* that you probably don't want to use Zebra. Use radvd instead, zebra is rather broken. See the notes in [6to4] for setting up radvd.  
 !! Some things to consider 
 * The IP addresses that you now have on your gateway and client machines ARE world-routable. You may want to firewall them. See [IP6Tables]. 
 * The IP address of your wan1 interface is not in your /48 it is your tunnel endpoint 
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 !! Configure zebra to do ipv6 peering over the metanet 
 * First, upgrade Etud, the old version has a bug where you can't assign IPv6 addresses to the wan0 interface. Oops.[1] 
-* Establish your link-local IP address for your wan0(or whichever) interface .  
-* talk to JamesSpooner or PerryLorier about organising ipv6 [BGP] peering. 
+* IPv6 peering is configurable via the metanet maintenance pages . I assume you're already peering IPv4, so go to www .tla/maint/ and look at the  
+IPv6 equivalents of 'IP Allocations' and 'Router Maintenance'  
 You will need in your bgpd.conf: 
- neighbor fe80 ::200 :e8ff :fe4e :7ae4 remote-as 64912  
- neighbor fe80::200:e8ff:fe4e:7ae4 interface wan0  
+ neighbor 3ffe :b80 :1f6b :cafe ::fd84 remote-as 64900 # Hydrogen  
  address-family ipv6 
  network ''your-ipv6-network-here'' 
- neighbor fe80 ::200 :e8ff :fe4e :7ae4 activate 
+ neighbor 3ffe :b80 :1f6b :cafe ::fd84 activate 
-(this is to peer with JamesSpooner, use peer address fe80::2c0:f0ff:fe96:c86 to peer with PerryLorier).  
 Congratulate yourself and randomly ping people on the metanet. 
-Note that this is development only, we will get get ns.tla doing the peering later, so be ready to change your configs at some later stage... :)  
-Note: We are now using LinkLocal addresses rather than an allocation from someones range. If these don't ping right have a look at their Wiki Entry.  
 [1]: Etud was echoing packets that the kernel sent back to itself. This had the problem that the kernel would say "Is anyone using this address" and then would hear that yes, someone is using it (itself!) so it would stop using it. Doh. 
 !! Configure DNS