Staging Area. I'm dropping old docs in here, so that they can make way for new docs, but still be round in case we need them.

You will need netlink_dev and ethertap support in your kernel. Note that it is best to compile these as modules. If you compile these as modules you should load "netlink_dev" manually, ethertap requires it to work correctly, but doesn't depend on it. (In kernel 2.4.19, CONFIG_NETLINK_DEV is the second item after "Packet Socket" in the "Networking options" menu and CONFIG_ETHERTAP is the 6th entry in "Network Device Support". Both of these are officially "obsolete" interfaces - there is a new TUN/TAP driver. Newer versions of wand can use the TUN driver (uses /dev/net/tun) instead of the ETHERTAP (/dev/tap0) driver).