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-Data about data. 
+Data about a piece of data. Examples include  
-For example, a FileAllocationTable is MetaData. The ' control' file in a [DebianLinux ] .[Deb ] is MetaData
+; The FileAllocationTable of a [FAT] FileSystem : describes the on-disk distribution of the data that makes up each file.  
+; %%% The journal in a Journalling [FileSystem] : describes the actions to be taken upon the MetaData of a file in the FileSystem it resides on .  
+; %%% The control file in a [Deb ] [Package] for DebianLinux : specifies the content of the package and its relation to other packages .  
+; %%% Bibliographic records (such as per the [MARC ] and DublinCore standards) : contain information like the Title, Author, Date, etc of documents in a database in order to ease look-up .  
+; %%% [APT] and Yum repository headers : Contains Information about the packages, and dependencies that it requires to install  
-The Journal in a [JournaledFileSystem|JournaledFileSystems] is MetaData and it is though the cunning using of this MetaData that such FileSystems get their edge.  
-In the field of Information Retrieval, MetaData refers to data about a document. For example, the Title, Author, Date, etc are all MetaData about the actual document. Bibliographic records help look-up based on MetaData. Standards for this kind of MetaData include [MARC] and Dublin Core
+The list is endless. Even this page you're reading is MetaData, it is a description of MetaData.