Minutes of WLUG AGM 2022 - 27 February 2023

Note: We were unable to meet quorum to have the AGM on 23 January 2023.


  • Rod Aldridge
  • Peter Reutemann
  • Ian Stewart
  • Tony Templer


  • Tom Butz
  • Chris O'Halloran
  • Lawrence D'Oliverio

The three above sent emails passing their voting rights to Peter Reutemann and copied Ian Stewart.


The AGM commenced at 7:46 pm.

Minutes for AGM 2021

Ian read the minutes for the 2021 AGM that had been held on 24 January 2022.

Peter moved the minutes be accepted as an accurate record of the meeting. Rod seconded. Unanimous vote in favour.

President's Report

Peter thanked our sponsors for 2022:

  • RimuHosting for providing the hosting of our website.
  • The head of the school of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Annika Hinze, for sponsoring the meeting room again.
  • NZ Open Source Society (NZOSS) for allowing us to use their Big Blue Button website to have video conferencing.
  • Daniel Lawson for providing hosting for the WLUG wiki.
  • Tony for providing the refreshments once we had physical meetings again at room MS4.G.02.

We had a mix of on-line, in-person and hybrid meetings. The presentations at meetings included:

  • Desktop Environments
  • Window Managers
  • Docker
  • Voice to Text
  • Command line tools
  • Cyber Security tools
  • Pipewire
  • Open Balena
  • Linux Installation and Experiences

We dropped GetTogether and continued with just using Meetup.

With our hybrid meetings we managed to have more attendees. However still small numbers of attendance.

Thanks to Big Blue Button allowing recordings we started a YouTube channel and uploaded eight of the recordings. As of today views are about 20 per recording.

Peter didn't manage to catch up with lecturers on open source tools that they use in their teaching.

Unfortunately, a long time WLUG attendee, Jeff Seymour, passed away in November 2022.

Peter announced that he would be stepping down as President. Nobody has come forward to volunteer as the new President. As numbers attending were dwindling there was a problem in coming up with fresh content for the meetings. Our membership dropped to 9.

Ian will report on the progress of the Github website in the General Business of this meeting.

Peter moved that President's report be accepted. Ian seconded. Unanimously accepted.

Treasurer's Report

Ian prepared and presented the Treasurer's Report. We had a loss for the year. Some of this was due to change from monthly domain name payments to annual payments.

Our regular expenses are the continuing of our domain name registration and the use of

Our financial year continues to be from 1st January to 31st December.

Ian moved the Treasurer's Report be accepted and Peter seconded. Unanimously agreed.

Election of Committee for 2023

As there was no candidate for President or Vice-President, we proceeded to wind up the WLUG society in accordance with the Charter.

Peter moved the above be executed. Rod seconded. Unanimously agreed.

General Business Agenda

  1. The WLUG Blade Servers were decommissioned many years ago. The University WAND group took care of their re-cycling.
  2. Ian set up a proof-of-concept WLUG website on his account.

Steps involved for winding-down of WLUG as a Society:

  1. Find a recipient of our remaining funds. We are waiting to hear back from New Zealand Open Source Society if they would like the funds. They will discuss this at this week's NZOSS Committee meeting. If that should be the case, then we will proceed with a bank transfer.
  2. Cancel the domain name direct debiting from our ASB account. Send them notification there will not be any renewal of the domain and it can lapse.
  3. Our github organizational account will be kept for historic purposes. It will be updated with a modified version of Ian's proof-of-concept website and will be accessed via
  4. Advise RimuHosting to close our virtual machine Tarua at There is nothing to backup from the RimuHosting website.
  5. Advise Daniel Lawson of pending closure of wlug domain. What would he like to do with the Wiki that his computers host.
  6. Advise the Incorporated Societies Register of the dissolving of WLUG as a society.
  7. Post the most recent Treasurers Report at Incorporated Societies Register.
  8. Close the ASB account.
  9. Keep the mailing list which is provided by the Waikato University.
  10. Inform the head of the school of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Annika Hinze, that we will no longer be having meetings in MS4.G.02. and cancel the rest of the bookings for WLUG meetings.
  11. Close after grabbing the content on our Meetup account.
  12. Remove GetTogether account.
  13. Update the Youtube channel to state there will be no further entries and keep it as an historical record.

Peter moved we accept the above as General Business. Ian seconded. Unanimously agreed.


The AGM concluded at 9:02 pm.