Minutes of WLUG AGM 2019 - 25 November 2019


  • Rod Aldridge
  • Tom Butz
  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro
  • Roger Hardy
  • Jacob Pouw-Waas
  • Peter Reutemann
  • Jeff Seymour
  • Ian Stewart
  • Tony Templer
  • John Thompson
  • Ian Young


  • Chris O'Halloran


The AGM commenced at 7:55pm.

Minutes for AGM 2018

The minutes for the 26 November 2018 AGM were read. Also read were the minutes for the SGM’s held on 25 February 2019 and 25 March 2019.

Peter accepted all minutes as true accounts of the meetings and John seconded.

President's Report

Peter thanked our sponsors for 2019. These were Professor David Bainbridge, Waikato University Computer Science Dept., for providing the meeting room. RimuHosting for providing the hosting of our web-site and Daniel Lawson for providing hosting for the WLUG wiki.

Also thanked were our members Tony, Jeff and Rod, for continuing to provide the beverages and snacks at our meetings. Additionally thanked was Judith Willson, at ASB (Waikato Uni Campus), who assists us with our bank transactions.

A variety of presentations were delivered at our 2019 meetings and topics included: 2D animations, OpenWRT, Termux application for Andriod, Antix Linux, Nagios, package generation, Galium OS, bluetooth attacks, e-mail grey listing, CUPS printing.

The use of to advertise our WLUG meetings seems to be effective in having new people interested in the topic of the month attend. Peter suggested we continue using the service. See the General Business section for further discussion.

Members dropped from 15 to 12, but we are still financially OK.

Orcon payments have become directly debited and Meetup payments are sorted out with help from Judith at ASB.

Peter moved that President's report be adopted and Rod agreed.

Treasurer's Report

Ian prepared and presented the Treasurer's Report. We had a small profit for the year. At present our income through subscriptions covers our regular expenses of continuing our domain name registration and use of

As our financial year is from 1st January to 31st December it becomes an issue if we deliver the Treasurer’s Report in November, and then are required to do a transaction in December. See the General Business section for further discussion.

Ian moved the Treasurer's Report be accepted and Peter agreed.

Election of Committee for 2020

The following Officers and Committee members were elected. There were no changes from 2019.


  • President: Peter Reutemann. Nominated by Rod.
  • Vice President: Chris O'Halloran. Nominated by Peter.
  • Treasurer: Tony Templer. Nominated by Ian.
  • Secretary: Ian Stewart. Nominated by Tony.


  • Tom Butz. Nominated by Peter.
  • Rod Aldridge. Nominated by Ian.
  • Lawrence D’Oliverio. Nominated by Ian.

General Business Agenda

1. Change the Date of the AGM

To ensure accuracy of the Treasurer’s Report it was suggested that the date of the AGM be changed to the fourth Monday of the month of January. A financial year will continue to be from 1st January until 31st December. There will then be a four week period in January in which transactions for the financial year may be finalised before having the AGM. For example, the 2020 Financial Year AGM will be held on Monday, 25th January 2021.

Changing the AGM to be the first month of the following year does not require any change to the current Rules.

Peter proposed moving the AGM move to the January after the end of the financial year. Tony seconded.

2. and GetTogether

We have been using the US based to provide the web-based services to promote our WLUG meetings. This is a professional service for which we were charged almost sixty dollars for the 2019 year. It is possible these costs may increase in the future.

Peter has found that GetTogether provides a similar service and currently do not have any charges. Peter has created an account for WLUG at GetTogether. Peter delivered a presentation on creating the WLUG team on GetTogether at their web-site

Peter suggested we continue using Meetup for the next year, and also use GetTogether in parallel. WLUG members are encouraged to open accounts on GetTogether web-site and join the WLUG team.

A review of both Meetup and GetTogether will be performed at the 2020 AGM.

3. Crypto Currency

Ian suggested that WLUG could set aside some funds and convert them to some crypto-currencies. As an on-going hobby we would perform a brief review these crypto-currency amounts at each WLUG meeting. The objective being for members to gain a better understanding of the various aspects of crypto-currency.

Using WLUG funds was rejected, but if anyone is performing crypto-currency transactions as a hobby and don’t mind disclosing their status, then there is interest in having regular presentations of how these hobby-level investments are performing, etc.


The AGM concluded at 9:25 pm and pizzas were consumed.