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 Meet up at the university: [MS4.G.02 |] 
 Time: 7:30pm onwards 
+* RonnieCollinson  
+* PeterReutemann  
+* ReneBartosh  
+* IanStewart  
+* RodAldridge  
+* BruceKingsbury  
+* CairoKingsbury  
+Insufficient number of members to reach a quorum, agreed to try for a second AGM on 25th February, 7:30pm at the University. TBC. Peter to confirm booking of room.  
+Discussed steps to take if the society is dissolved. Suggest static backup of wiki copied to Rimuhosting VPS, also the WLUG planet and transfer the domain registration/DNS to rimuhosting as well.  
+Ronnie to e-mail the list and inform members of the current situation.  
 [AGM] Topics 
  * Presidents Report 
  * Treasurer Report 
  * Election of 2013 Committee 
  * Discussion of life-long/honorary members 
  * Consumption of pizza