Why should you care about Debian?

Debian "Squeeze" Pizza Party!

On February 6th, 2011 after 2 years of development effort a new stable version of the Debian GNU/Linux OS was released. Those of you who know, know this is a reason to celebrate. Those of you who would like to learn more about why this is a momentous occasion should come along and check out what the new 6.0 version codenamed "Squeeze" has to offer. There are a heap of new features and interesting aspects to this release, a demo of how easy it is to install and use, and a presentation/overview of the Debian Project will be presented.

Pizza and refreshments will be provided, come join us in the celebration!

Regular meeting location of Room MS4.G.02 (

7pm, Monday 21st Feb (we will not be having our regular meeting on the 28th this month).


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