Kiaora DVD

The Kiaora Project was started in 2005 by Bruce Kingsbury, as an alternative to similar CDs like TheOpenCD which were a good idea but left out many things, such as dictionaries and clipart for OpenOffice, rubber stamps for Tux Paint, and controversial software such as VLC (some codecs covered by patents) and emule (p2p == piracy?)

It project was mostly abandoned by 2007 and the kiaoracd domain given to Cairo to use as a 'download and burn' store for Free software in general..

The project was revived for Software Freedom Day 2010 and may continue to live as Kiaora DVD.

Plans for the future include having a proper disk browser and program launcher, better presentation with program icons, screenshots, and links to addons and documentation, and repackaging some of the software which is currently distributed with 'toolbars' and other crap (or at the very least the default for installing such toolbars will be changed to 'off')

Other possibilities; a directory of sample documents, and a collection of PDF manuals for some of the software.

Volunteers who can repackage software with nullsoft or similar tools, track down or redraw SVG versions of icons, and take interesting screenshots would be greatly appreciated.

September 27th 7:30pm MS4.G.02

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