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 The meeting [we had planned|MeetingTopics.2009-06-29] is being rescheduled for July. Instead we are going to have an informal social night. We will have pizza, refreshments and other treats. We will do some short presentations on using Skype on a Linux box, and provide answers to any questions you might have about Linux or Free/Open Source Software. A couple people will be hacking a wireless Internet Access Point using a LightWire account. If they are successful there will be free Internet access. We might talk about preparations for SoftwareFreedomDay. 
 7:30pm [MS4.G.02|] 
-(zcat notes that 'skype' is non-free software, and suggests you use ekiga or similar instead
+(zcat notes that 'skype' is non-free software, and volunteered to demo ekiga as well