7:30pm MS4.G.02

Robert O'Callahan will talk about Firefox 3 development

FOXHOLES: News From The Front Line Of The Browser Wars

Web browsers have become a primary application platform, arguably more important than traditional client operating systems. They are also a key security frontier, a vigorously competitive market, and a crucial front in the battle for free software and open standards. For these and other reasons, browser development is both extremely challenging and extremely important. As a core Firefox developer, I will discuss challenges facing our project: competition from Internet Explorer and other browsers; changes to fundamental assumptions about code-level security vulnerabilities; sustaining and evolving a complex and fragile codebase; and the successes and failures of our tools and processes as one of the world's flagship open source projects. Looking forward, I will discuss our efforts to keep the Web vital, in concert with like-minded browser vendors and standards organizations, by enhancing the Web platform with vector and 3D graphics, offline Web applications, accessibility, richer typography and layout, enhancements to the Javascript language, efforts to improve cross-browser compatibility, and more. I will talk about why everyone should care and what people can do to help --- which includes joining Mozilla to hack on Gecko with my team!

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