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-In accordance with Rule 6 of the [charter|WlugCharter], I would like to announce to all members that the WaikatoLinuxUsersGroup ( Incorporated) will be holding its [ Annual General Meeting|AGM] on Monday, 2 October, 2006, at 7.30pm, at the regular meeting location of room [TW.2.07|TW] at the [University of Waikato|WaikatoUniversity].  
+__Waikato Linux Users' Group Incorporated__ %%%  
+__ Annual General Meeting Minutes__  
-!New committee  
+__2 October 2006__ %%%  
+__TW.2.07, University of Waikato__  
-All WLUG members are encouraged to stand for election onto the WlugCommittee for 2007
+Meeting opened at 7:45pm
-The charter specifies the committee as consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three general committee members.  
+Present: 19  
-To stand for the committee, please email [secretary at|mailto:secretary at]. If you wish to nominate someone, please contact them and ask if they are willing to stand; if you would rather not contact them yourself, feel free to email me and I will pass your request on for you. People with uncertain futures (who may be leaving the Waikato) are encouraged not to let this stop them standing for election, but please only stand if you are committed and prepared to take on a relatively small workload
+!1 . Membership signup/collection of subscriptions  
-To be granted voting rights at the meeting, you must have been a paid member for 2005- 2006, and signed a new membership form for '06-'07 . (Remember, you have 90 days to pay.)  
+Subscriptions have been collected from 20 members (including pre-AGM signups for the 2006 year)
-Regards, %%%  
-WLUG Secretary 
+!2. Apologies  
+MatthiasDallmeier submits his apologies.  
+!3. [Minutes of the previous AGM|MeetingTopics.2005-09-26]  
+Motion: that the minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous Annual General Meeting  
+Moved: PerryLorier %%%  
+Seconded: AlastairPorter  
+!4. Matters arising  
+There are no matters arising from the previous AGM.  
+!5. President's report  
+Lindsay Druett presented the President's report. He explained that the year has passed very quickly; after being elected, he was very quickly approached by members asking what the WLUG could do for new users. From there the fixit workshops were born - thanks to BruceKingsbury for arranging these events and to Bruce and his family for hosting most of them.  
+Software Freedom Day was very well organised - thanks to CraigBox, as well as IanMcDonald and Bruce for helping out - around 300 CDs were given away to members of the public. We deliberately didn't run an Installfest - the promotional part was done via SFD, and fixit workshops have mostly taken the place of installfests, although it would be good to again run an installfest in the next year.  
+We need to thank Orcon for taking over Hoiho's hosting last year, and HP for donated us a server (through work done by Craig and Ian). We have also invested in a good quality promotional banner.  
+Special thanks were made to Craig for 4 years of dedication to WLUG, and also to Ian and Dave for their support this year, and Perry and Matthias for their help on the committee.  
+He would like more members on the committee to take on more of a role - for this, more support is needed. It is unfortunate that the election is all a one horse race, with no no other people standing up (and none for the secretary position!)  
+In closing, Lindsay wished to thanks everyone for being WLUG and especially for everyones help in making SFD happen.  
+!6. Treasurer's report  
+* Balance at last AGM: $1264.87  
+* 2005-2006 year: $1596.10 income  
+* 2004-2005 Expenses: $1248.64  
+* Balance brought forward: $1655.17  
+Motion: that the society accepts the accounts as presented by the treasurer, and that the members do not elect to seek auditing for the 2005/2006 year.  
+Moved: CraigBox %%%  
+Seconded: LindsayDruett  
+!7. Election of officers  
+The following officers were duly elected:  
+* President: IanMcDonald  
+* Vice President: LindsayDruett  
+* Secretary: BruceKingsbury  
+* Treasurer: JamesPluck  
+The following general committee members were duly elected:  
+* SimonGreen  
+* ChrisOhalloran  
+* RodAldridge  
+!10. General business  
+Meeting closed at 8:39pm.