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 Our guest for February is Peter Bryant from RimuHosting, a VirtualPrivateServer company based in Cambridge, [New Zealand|NewZealand]. 
-Peter's talk will hopefully touch on:  
+RimuHosting specialises in providing virtual private servers; they have 3 data centres in the USA and do about 10 terabytes of traffic per month.  
-* the history of RimuHosting  
-* using [virtualisation|VirtualPrivateServer] on [Linux]  
-* his experience as an employer of [Linux] staff  
-* running an international business from NZ  
+Currently have 4 tech support staff (and looking for more), doing about 1300 support emails per month.  
-(Please add other points if you would like Peter to touch on them; if you are Peter, please feel free to edit the list to reflect what you want to talk about !)  
+!!Brief notes of meeting  
-As usual , there will be a Q&A session at the end , followed by refreshments
+!Short History  
+Peter first used linux in 1999 (using RedHat 6) , working for a startup in Seattle - trying to get Oracle working on their cluster of 6 dual-p3 600MHz machines. Although the "dot-com" crash hit hard , their company survived due to having a stable business model. He eventually moved to Cambridge (NewZealand), and finding it difficult to get cheap host servers/shell access, he decided to set up RimuHosting
-Location is [TW .2.07|TW ] at the University of Waikato . Meeting will start at 7 :30pm
+Investigated [UML] vs the commercial Virtuoso, and decided on UML . In July 2005 they started using [Xen ].  
+UML == a linux process running inside linux. Xen = "hypervisor" running on hardware. "ring " - about 50% more efficient; Xen can allocate "real" memory while UML uses virtual memory inside the main linux OS.  
+New chipsets supporting virtualisation - Intel VT and AMD Pacifica - so-called "ring -1" will allow unmodified OSes to run; ring 0 currently needs (slightly) modified kernel for some syscalls.  
+Initially rented servers from co-lo; the CPU and disk were adequate but VPS needs lots of RAM; many of their VPSes only have 96MB.  
+2GB of RAM allows about 15 VPSes per machine. After encountering a bad batch of HDDs they now always use RAID. They now buy machines from "rackmounts" in San Diego from a guy called "Brian" - Duel Opteron 246 with 8GB RAM, 3x 200GB HDDs for RAID1+1spare. Peter's never met Brian, nor visited any of the data centres or seen any of his servers.  
+Software raid makes it easier to move drives around, no bios access needed.  
+About 50% of their hard drives in New York DC died when they lost power uncleanly (in the big power outage in August 2003) .  
+The support team use jabber internally; they generally do free suport tasks for customers if they think it will take less than 15 minutes to complete; building up a repository of commonly requested tasks.  
+Most exploits that they encounter are in poorly written web-apps, and dictionary passwords. Credit-card fraud is occasionally a problem.  
+Marketing :  
+* tried direct approaches to web companies; not well received .  
+* google ad-words  
+* content on the web - their howtos  
 * About Rimu Hosting: