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-!!!Annual WLUG Xmas [BBQ] 
+!End-of-year Summer [BBQ] 
-__Sunday 18 December__%%%  
-Time: starting around 2pm .%%%  
+As traditional, held at Perry's and Jamie's place. Thanks for having us, and especially to Jamie for being co-opted back onto the committee for the day. We didn't quite get perfect weather, but there was still much cricket played
-The venue is the same as last time - Perry and Jamie 's , [3 Liston Crescent|http://www]
+Turnout wasn 't hugely inspiring; there were a good number of committee and hangers-on , but the number of "general WLUG members" wasn't that great . After the effort that was put in to try and appeal to the greater membership, it was disappointing and we will re-evaluate the event next year
-Please bring yourselves, partners, meat, alcohol, topics of conversation, and a passing interest in backyard cricket.  
- WLUG will provide salad, bread and soft drinks as usual . You don't have to be a member to come to the barbeque, but if you aren't, it would be a really nice gesture to bring your $20 and sign up, wouldn't it?  
-Due to the heavy rain overnight, the grass will be very wet . Bring along a chair if you want to keep dry !  
+* [ WLUG Christmas BBQ 2005 photos|http://www.pointless .co .nz/gallery/wlug-bbq-05]  
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