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 !!The Official Annual [WLUG] End of Year Barbeque! 
+__CANCELLED__ due to Hamilton summer weather  
+(updated Fri afternoon, 10 Dec)  
 In accordance with the prophecy, our end of 2004 [BBQ] is at DaHoose, 3 Liston Crescent, Hillcrest (off Helena Road, by the Gate 1 entrance to Uni/Clyde St roundabout). As the original date of the 4th was wet, we postponed it until the 10th 
 WLUG will provide salad, soft drinks, BBQ, backyard cricket and entertainment. You will need to bring yourself, meat and alcohol should you desire any of these things. 
 Start time of 6pm with BBQ about 7. 
 Check out photos from last years barbeque from [John|], [Kyle|] or [Phil|].