Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Monday 22 November, Room LitB G02 at WaikatoUniversity - Tung U from RedHat Asia Pacific and Tara Sutherland from VodaFone New Zealand.

Tung U presented at the Red Hat World Tour and was extremely inspirational. Big business IS switching, and Red Hat is helping them do so.

He spoke to WLUG about a variety of things, including:

  • employee numbers (including LinuxKernel hackers), job openings
  • linux market share
  • amount of interest from mainstream business
  • RH server lifespan, 2 year support
  • "Red Hat Network"
  • Training and certification - Red Hat Certified {Technician,Engineer,Architect}

Tara Sutherland from Vodafone New Zealand then told us how Vodafone switched their entire web services backend to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Key points:

  • Migrated from HP-UX operating system on PA-RISC/L2000 machines
  • Standardised on Red Hat Linux running on 2.4GHz dual Xeon machines from IBM
  • Estimated $50k/yr savings on software licensing
  • Estimated $65k/yr savings from efficiency gains
  • Estimated $60k/yr savings on hardware upgrades/maintenance
  • CFengine for easy setting up and managing server farms
  • Enjoy being part of 'community' - sending bugfixes/enhancements upstream, participating in newgroups, Red Hat Network feedback...

WLUG sincerely thanks both these speakers for their very interesting presentation and insights on 'Linux in the enterprise'.

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