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+Please notice the location for this meeting is one we haven't used before - Computer Upgrades 2000 Ltd, in the court behind McDonalds Te Rapa (on Pukete Rd). There's plenty of signage, and you'll see people you know floating around.  
 The topic for this meeting is [VoIP] (Voice Over [IP|IPv4]) 
-Guest Speaker: NathanWard 
+Our guest speaker is NathanWard.  
 PerryLorier has asked me to put in some kind of list of stuff I'll cover in here, so here goes: 
 * Servers 
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  * Long distance calling 
  * Amusing [IVR]s 
 (Note - it won't be in this order, and contents will definately change, etc.) 
+See OldMeetingTopics