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 !!!And the subtopic 
 Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam for Linux. 
-Suggested synopsis (please add to me)  
+Was held at CrawshawSchool, 7:30pm.  
-* Why viruses in Linux (and almost any other non-MS operating system) are not currently an issue, and are unlikely to ever become one.  
-** http://www.theregister .co .uk /content /56 /33226 .html  
+[Download the presentation| http://www.wlug .org .nz /archive /meetings /20031027/20031027-antispam-antivirus-presentation .ppt] (OpenOffice PPT format)  
-* getting your LinuxRouterBox to run Exim, Amavis, SpamAssassin, Razor and ClamAV (CraigBox/GreigMcGill)  
-** MailScanner  
-* BayesianFiltering in Mozilla (DanielLawson/PerryLorier?)  
-* plugging SpamAssassin into Evolution (anyone?)  
-** http://support  
-** bogofilter & marking msgs spam/ham: -and -evo/  
-** .forward/.procmail: -March/028045.html  
-** [Ximian's answer| -bin/ximian.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_sid=DvDCc_Ug&p_lva=&p_faqid=329&p_created=1039628948&p_sp=cF9ncmlkc29ydD0mcF9yb3dfY250PTEmcF9zZWFyY2hfdGV4dD1zcGFtJnBfc2VhcmNoX3R5cGU9NCZwX3Byb2RfbHZsMT0yJnBfcHJvZF9sdmwyPX5hbnl_JnBfY2F0X2x2bDE9fmFueX4mcF9zb3J0X2J5PWRmbHQmcF9wYWdlPTE*&p_li=]  
-* plugging SpamAssassin into KMail  
-* possible use of [DNS] to stop spam at the [SMTP] level - eg, Reverse [MX], or RR records (see  
+See the last slide for interesting links .