Network Booting with Linux

Looking at using PXE-enabled network cards to boot linux over a network.

  • NFSRoot Linux
  • InitRD Linux
  • Network bootstrapping a Linux install

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WLUG Executive Committee Meeting

25 May 2003

Meeting Minutes

Present: Daniel, Jamie, Craig B, Craig M, Perry, Bruce, Greig, Phil
Absent: Kim, Gavin

Meeting opened at 7:11pm.

1. Minutes from previous meeting

Motion: that minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting

Moved Craig B
Seconded Perry

Motion passed

2. Reports from previous meeting

Letter to Sahil Gupta still outstanding due to lack of communication from Gavin; Daniel will address this matter this week.

Craig Mckenna still to investigate ASB bank fee issue.

3. General Business

Motion: that the position of Meeting Co-ordinator be created and that Perry Lorier be duly elected to this position. The Meeting Co-ordinator to organis meetings at least a month in advance.

Moved Perry
Seconded Daniel

It was decided that the Wiki needed a more informative page regarding the IRC channel #wlug to point out the channel was only informally related to WLUG Incorporated.

Meeting closed at 7:37pm

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