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Minutes of meeting, 25-11-2002.

Meeting opened 19:35.

12 members present:

CraigMckenna, CraigBox, JamesSpooner, GianPerrone, JohnMcPherson, RodAldridge, JaredWigmore?, Ron Dean, MattBrown, MatthiasDallmeier, PerryLorier, DanielLawson.

Discussed possible change to the constitution: remove or change the phrase "Committee members will have a brief meeting at the regular meeting." (a change to 'may' was suggested.) Discussion ensued, this doesn't require a change - a brief meeting can be simply "we have nothing to discuss."

WLUG Inc are to open a bank account for the society. We have talked to ASB and they have offered us an Incorporated Society account, which to sign up for we must present minutes of the meeting where ASB were selected as the WLUG's bank.

Motion: that the Bank of the WLUG Incorporated shall be the ASB. Nominated: CraigBox, seconded: MattBrown, carried unanimously.

Discussion of signatories for account: a "petty cash" account is not worthwhile - too much of a hassle. Treasurer will carry some petty cash.

If we have two or more signatories we cannot have online banking, telephone banking or an Eftpos card. Discussed that this is fine; cheques will be suitable for the small range of withdrawls that will be required.

Motion that we have four signatories (CraigBox, JamieCurtis, CraigMckenna, DanielLawson), any two of which are required for the account: Nominated: DanielLawson, seconded: JamesSpooner, carried unanimously.

General business: Daniel asked if all committee members are paid members - all are except GavinDenby, PhilMurray and KimShepherd. (These members are to be requested to subscribe next time they make it to a meeting.)

Committee section of meeting closed at 19:58.

MattBrown gave a presentation on Nagios Craig Mckenna gave a presentation on Snort (in lieu of summaries, check their Wiki pagen)

We watched the new trailer for The Two Towers, and then we were gone.

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