Notes from Minutes of WLUG "AGM #2",

Sahil's Basement, 25/02/02

Regarding the WLUG group itself

Group has no formality - we could ask for gold coin donations at radio club Use this money to buy box of stuff for WLUG to keep at radio club - power boards, network gear etc

Appoint a hierarchy - group president?

Traditionally we have meetings only, need to do something to get new people, start doing installs, bringing boxes, start presentations etc. Momentum will eventually gather.

Group needs to develop a purpose

  • have 2 groups of people - large group of people that don't particularly want help with anything (know what they're doing) that can all sort themselves out
  • group of newbies that are starting to arrive...

Regarding Linux and advocacy

The mission of the group needs to be to "Promote Linux use" and NOT to discourage Windows use - as such, people considering public advocacy should read the LinuxAdvocacy how-to document.

Daniel refers to a pro-Microsoft story on "Breakfast" TV program. A guy wrote a letter to the show explain alternatives (crossposted to NZLUG list.) While a great idea, it was filled with "Micro$haft" etc - bad advocate. This from the head of a reputable firm in Auck. Profanities, allegorical stuff, "Evil Empire" etc. Not the right way to go about it.

There is a resources for advocacy link on WLUG page.

Question asked of how did everyone get to know about Linux:

  • newspaper articles are becoming more prevalent
  • Lots of press in the business market (Linux can do things that other solutions can't)

(story of backing up to can't back up to SQL database)

St John school administrator impressed with install of Redhat

Hamilton school has Citrix webterms in labs, 2 boxes,

Regarding future meeting plans

Can we get bandwidth. talking to GoLive. Daniel follow up GoLive connection.

People are being thrown into 2nd year Linux labs - grads at at Uni will be teaching tutorials on Linux. offer people WLUG as a point of contact.

Format of meetings - presentation or hands on. 20 mins, little presentations.

things Bruce is doing: simple floppy disk insatller. Fax server on samba. aaron: dynamic DNS

ACM chapter - uni thing - can invite people from there.

get a rhythm. see presentations - worth going to. everyone would like to get something out of it

Meetings need to have an audience. Not going to put a couple of hours into preparing anything Good turnout to Daniel's samba thing.

Aaron wants to learn about Advanced Samba something like setting up services WANd (james)

Aim to have a definite goal with talks - show how to do something specific?

  • Daniel: LDAP talk
  • Craig: package management
  • Aaron: something on DynDNS and bind

differences between easy stuff and hard stuff. Simpler talks. Have to interest everyone, including those who know a lot though. Perhaps have more depth

Linux in business - presented by a man in a suit (Greig :) proprietry standards and vendor locking


  • Prepare leaflet
  • Have CDs for people to take home
  • Should we focus on a single distribution?
  • Obtaining Linux
  • Getting PPP working
  • Session on the command prompt

Ads in community newspapers - especially the Loot

Provide people a good introduction to Linux - a good way of doing this is showing it doing "something it can do that windows can't"

Firewall box etc