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  An iTunes-inspired interface for [GNOME], built on [GStreamer]. 
 [StreamTuner |]: 
  Mainly concentrates on internet radio, but the Local-plugin allows browsing [MP3]s by directories on disc. 
+A range of curses-based players:  
+ A curses interface is actually quite well suited to an audio player, although the various projects have found no consensus on appropriate keystrokes. [Cplay|], [moc|], [juke], [pytone|], [mp3blaster|], [ncmpc|], [playmp3list], [mplay|] are some examples. Cplay and moc, at least, are quite easy to understand and far less prone to freezing and crashing than RhythmBox.  
 !! Video Players 
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  Originally an open source media player application, xine split into into a player and a backend (xine-lib), which is the basis for many other media front ends (such as [Totem].) 
  The [GNOME] media framework (in the same way that DirectX is the Windows media framework.) 
+ All of these media players use ffmpeg's libavcodec for encoding/ decoding.  
+ The source may not be as neatly separable as Xine, but it is still quite easy to build a new almost functional front-end, as many projects have demonstrated.