McGillicuddy? Serious Party

McGilicuddy Serious: Scottish Monarchist Regressionists, intent in re-establishing the Jacobite line to supreme executive office, then disassembling all the trappings of modern technology (internal combustion engines, guttering systems, Unix, etc) and living a life of pastoral, clan-oriented bliss. Due to growing popular disillusionment with both National and Labour, an outside favourite to win the 1993 general election. It is interesting to note that New Zealand has no formal constitution and only one house of Parliament. So, if The McGilicuddy Serious Party is elected, it can do all this quite legally.

This was perhaps the one political party that were completely honest in what they stood for. They were disbanded near the end of the 1990's but over their period of lobbying stood for such things as..

Napier: More rights for Hamsters.
Hastings: They wanted to move the hills of Havelock North into the centre of Hastings so everyone could enjoy them without having to travel all the way to Havelock North.

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The Wikipedia has information on this party here

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