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 * Graduated from WaikatoUniversity in 2004 with a Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, 1st Class Honours 
-* Married to KatBrown  
-* Works for the WandGroup on the [CRCnet] wireless project. 
+* Married to KatBrown, Living in Dublin, Ireland.  
+* Currently works for [Google Ireland|] as a Linux Systems Administrator  
+* Previously worked for the WandGroup on the [CRCnet] wireless project. 
 * Author of [SRG], a flexible log file analysis utility for the Squid Web Proxy. See SquidNotes for more details. 
-* Debian Maintainer (of SRG and PHPwiki) and current in the [Debian NM Queue |https ://nm .php?email =debian%40mattb
+* [Debian Developer |http ://qa .php?login =mattb@
 * Can be found on IRC in [#wlug] using the [Nick] mattb 
-* Homepage:  
-* Perpetrator of the recent WLUG Site Redesign 
+* Homepage: or /  
+* Perpetrator of the 2005 WLUG Site Redesign  
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