MailScanner 3.x is deprecated, and not available in Woody. Unstable comes with a newer v3; but to make ClamAV work (and the new 'freeish' F-Prot), you need MailScanner 4. I have some packages for Debian at otherwise there are RPMs and .tar.gz's on MailScanner's website. -- CraigBox

There are more recent backports of MailScanner 4. Check Currently (2004-02-03) the latest one is 4.22.5. --Michael Bona

I noticed weird problems with MailScanner and Exim. It give odd errors when queueing an incoming mail - say things like Remote host is local host or Retry timeout exceeded. I'm still not sure what caused these, but I found out when they happen, which explains why no one else sees the problem:

I use PINE on the same machine as the MTA. PINE uses a "local" transport (shows up in the logs as local-esmtp). This was the only transport causing problems. If I used SMTP from another machine, or forced pine to use SMTP via setting its smtp_server setting, it was fine. If I sent mail from the CommandLine via mail(1) it was fine. -- Daniel Lawson

I also have this weird problem (MailScanner 3.13.2-4 and Exim 3.35-1). Mails sent via SMTP, mail(1) and /usr/lib/sendmail are delivered without errors. But mails generated from cron jobs are catched by the defer_director and immediatly produce a retry timeout exceeded error; with the resulting error messages it's the same. The retry settings in exim_incoming.conf are the same as set up by Debian, so retries should be done for four days.

MailScanner doesn't seem to have anything to do with this behaviour, since it doesn't touch the mails before this error occurs; it seems, the required exim configuration is the only problem. -- Swen Kuehnlein

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