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 ''Query-args'' should be a set of parameters in standard 
 HTTP GET format. 
 The "action=''x''" parameter should almost always be given. It can be one of 
-__browse__, __info __, __diff__, __search __, __edit __, 
+__browse__, __diff__, __edit __, __viewsource __, 
 __zip__, __dumpserial__, __loadserial__, 
 __remove__, __lock__, __unlock__, 
 __login__, __logout__, __setprefs__ or __save__. 
 The default action is __browse__. 
 Some of the actions accept other parameters. 
-;__info __: Accepts __showpagesource__.  
-;__search __: Accepts __searchterm __, and __searchtype __. 
+;__FullTextSearch __, __TitleSearch __, : Accepts __s __=search term , and __size __=input size
 ;__edit__: Accepts __version__. 
 ;__remove__: Accepts __verify__. 
 ;__save__: Accepts __editversion__, __minor_edit__, and __content__. 
 ;__setprefs__: Accepts __edit_area_width__, __edit_area_height__. 
 !! Writing Magic Links in Wiki Pages 
 A magic link looks like: 
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 Other possibilites: 
 * [ Diff the SandBox | phpwiki:SandBox?action=diff ], 
 * [ Lock the HomePage | phpwiki:HomePage?action=lock ], 
 * [ Get a Full Zip Dump | phpwiki:?action=zip&include=all ], 
-* [ Page titles containing 'wiki' | phpwiki:TitleSearch ?s=wiki ],  
+* Search for [ Page titles containing 'wiki' | phpwiki:?action=TitleSearch& s=wiki ] 
 !! Writing Magic Forms in Wiki Pages 
-Magic forms are no longer supported. They have been superceded  
- by <''''?plugin-form? >s (for text searches) and by the WikiFormPlugin  
-(for files uploads , etc .)  
+''__Note__: The old syntax for Magic forms is no longer supported. They are superceded by <''''?plugin-form>s.''  
+If the plugin is called using __<''''?plugin-form__ instead of __<''''?plugin__ and the plugin supports searching, then it will be rendered as a form.  
+;''size'': If given , specifies the size of the input area .  
+;''s'': Specifies the default value for the input.  
+A search plugin invoked with __<''''?plugin__ instead of __<''''?plugin-form__ simply inserts the search results of the plugin:  
+ <?plugin TitleSearch s=wiki noheader=true ?>  
+Search results for Page titles containing 'wiki':  
+<?plugin TitleSearch s=wiki noheader=true ?>  
+ <?plugin-form FullTextSearch ?>  
+<?plugin-form FullTextSearch ?>  
+ <?plugin-form TitleSearch formsize=12 ?>  
+<?plugin-form TitleSearch formsize=12 ?>