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 [Acronym] for __M__aximum __S__egment __S__ize 
+!!Linux TCP MSS in SYN change !  
+run "ifconfig <interface> mtu <N>", while <interface> is interface name and N is  
+the wanted MSS value + 40.  
+Example : ifconfig eth0 mtu 1360. The MSS will be 1320 (if there are no TCP options).  
 !!Adjusting the TCP MSS on an intermediate routej 
 The [TCP] MSS Adjustment feature enables the configuration of the maximum segment size (MSS) for transient packets that traverse a router, specifically TCP segments in the SYN bit set, when Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) is being used in the network. PPPoE truncates the Ethernet maximum transmission unit (MTU) 1492, and if the effective MTU on the hosts (PCs) is not changed, the router in between the host and the server can terminate the TCP sessions. 
 !!Linux's TCP MSS Adjustment Feature