Banks operating in NewZealand

"I have found ASB, especially since they upgraded their Fastnet webbanking a couple of weeks ago, to be really good in this area. I've never had browser problems."

"Ditto the National Bank."

"Kiwibank also has great online banking, and have been very receptive to the emails I've sent through pointing out faults in their website (mostly incorrect/incomplete documentation)."

Bank of New Zealand's internet banking site renders and operates just fine with most Linux browsers I've tried. -- GianPerrone

Both ANZ and Westpac work for me with a Mozilla-based browser (although ANZ had javascript-focus problems at login at one stage, but these are fixed). -- JohnMcPherson

We're with Westpac too, no problems using Firefox or Mozilla under Debian. -- zcat(1)

Notable Exceptions

Hong-kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation:

To access internet banking, please use:

  * Internet Explorer version 5.0 or above; or
  ** Netscape Communicator version 4.72 or above
     (version 6.x currently not supported)