Linux Desktop Pocket Guide
by David Brickner
Published by O'Reilly
In the WLUG library

Reviewed by IanMcDonald


This book is really a beginner's guide to Linux rather than a desktop guide.

It covers how to do the basics in five distributions (Ubuntu, Suse, Mandriva, Gentoo and Fedora). It then covers off different applications available for different tasks (e.g. CD burning, web browsing) and what the most popular applications are.

The book is useful for kick starting you into Linux but probably once you're using Linux for day to day tasks you probably won't use the book again. This is not to say that the book isn't good - it is good - but give it to a Windows user who wants to learn about Linux.

For an experienced user it might be worth a quick scan for things you might have missed, but not worth buying.