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@@ -49,8 +49,12 @@
  xdvi $(TARGET).dvi 
 Probably the most interesting thing about the above makefile is that it uses __--interaction batchmode__ as an argument to Latex. The rest is a fairly standard makefile. Things get a little more complex when Bibtex and automatic image conversion is added to the makefiles. 
+Note that this is a really dangerous Makefile to use as is: this clean stanza will delete ALL pdf, eps, and ps files in the current directory. Be sure you have backups elsewhere of all your letters-of-support.pdf and all the figures.eps for your proposal, because when you run make clean with this makefile they are also going to be rm'ed. There is also a .bib extension being deleted! .bib usually contains your raw bibliography database, so it is input, just like your .tex file. Delete it and you can't ever generate your document again without a lot of pain. The clean stanza should have something more like  
+ rm $(TARGET).{toc,aux,pdf,ps,eps,log,lof,bbl,blg,dvi}  
+to restrict it to relevant and output files only ( -- ChrisRae).  
 !! A Simple Latex and Bibtex Makefile