I am installing X-!ThinPro? now. Some notes;

  • 13.3mb download. Not very 'thin' ;)
  • For SSH tunneling use X-!SecurePro? or good ol' putty.
  • LBX support for slow connections

It's installed. If you understand X11 protocols, configuration is very powerful and intuitive. If you dont understand such things you may need to use the very large help button.

I notice there are many modes it can run in:

  • Single window (one large window that represents the screen that your X11 apps run in.
  • Multiple windows (the X11 windows intermingle with your MicrosoftWindows windows and use the Windows window decorations. Try saying that fast)
  • Full screen (your pc looks like its a monitor etc plugged into the remote machine)
  • Multiple windows+remoteWM (Like multiple windows, but the WindowManager functions are provided by the remote machine)

I also notice that there is GLX/openGL support.

I am doing an XDMCP query to my remote machine over a crossover cable using 32bit/33mhz copper gigabit ethernet cards. Typical max thruput is 250mbit.


This is FAST. Its as fast as having it locally, or even faster. I am impressed.

I played a movie in MPlayer. It works better than locally on the machine itself.

This app rivals HummingbirdExceed.

I'm using multiple windows with no window manager. There is a task on my taskbar call X-Session, and one for every X11 window that opens. Note - the icons that the client gives to X-thinpro are used as the icons on the taskbar. No other app does this and its really annoying to me.

Hmm. It seems to crash after some use when typing alot of text into kdevelop.