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 ; [CommonLisp] : Standardised, heavy-duty Lisp - "the most thorough programming language in the universe". 
 ; [Scheme] : Elegant intellectual Lisp. Coding acrobats do their backflips here. 
 ; [Elisp] : The scripting language controls every aspect of [Emacs]. 
+; [Clojure] : A new dialect running on the Java Virtual Machine, with access to most java libraries. Strong focus on concurrent programming  
 [LISP] is usually run on a VirtualMachine, although modern [LISP] implementations can compile to MachineCode. At the time of its conception, [CPU]s were so slow that requiring a VirtualMachine made [LISP] infeasible as an implementation language for real world applications. It was therefore attempted to build processors that could run [LISP] directly - so called [LISP] machines. Like any other attempt to date to realize a certain VirtualMachine in hardware, [LISP] machines too failed to achieve any significance in the market and were soon forgotten. 
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