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 A Legal Document between Telecom and the New Zealand Government which limits the amount [TelecomNZ] is allowed to screw people in New Zealand out of money. 
 Basically, as far as consumers are concerned, is that [TelecomNZ] can't put up charges faster than the rate of inflation, and must maintain free local calls (for residential customers) unless this "severely affects their profitability" or something like that. 
+Also, as far as consumers are concerned, [TelecomNZ] are also obliged to offer everyone a basic telecommunications service at an acceptable level ie. a basic phone line in order to make voice calls and maintain that service for as long as the consumer pays their bills and require the service.  
+The Kiwi share was [updated |] in 2001.  
 See [ZFree] for a story about the New Zealand KiwiShare