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 such as a Digital Camera, you end up with a smaller kernel - which will in turn boot faster. I've not measured how much benefit you get from this however 
 !! How can I improve performance on a desktop machine? (or on a slower machine) 
-There's a handful of patches for the 2.4 kernel series which attempt to address some of the scheduling slowdowns seen in the Linux kernel
+There are a number of patches around at the moment to reduce latency or provide realtime support for Linux. This is a fairly dynamic field at the moment and the best way to keep up to date with this is to go to and search for realtime or latency
-! LowLatency  
-The [LowLatency|] patch reduces the kernels scheduling latency , which should improve performance. Here's another howto on [ALSA and LowLatency|]. Most recent patch is for 2.4.21.  
-I've not used this one myself, so I can't guarantee how well it will work for you. A lot of people seem to like it however.  
-! Pre-emptive Kernel  
-This patch improves the pre-emptive properties of the kernel. See KernelPreemption for more notes on what this means. It can be found at a [KernelMirror|] near you. Most recent patch for the 2.4 series is for 2.4.26. The 2.6 kernel series already has pre-emptive kernel support.  
-I have used this patch on an HP Vectra (233 MHz P2 , 32 MB RAM) , to fix skipping mp3s when playing via XMMS locally, or XMMS remotely + ESD locally, and running remote X. This is a fairly slow machine by todays standards, and was seeing a lot of interrupt activity - lots of network, sound, and video changes. I would get nasty crackles in the mp3s if i changed virtual desktops and a large screen redraw was needed - the preempt patch fixed this.  
-See also SysControls  
+See also SysControls , KernelPreemption, LowLatency , LinuxOnTheDesktop