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 git pull 
-The only exception to this is that it only pulls from the master tree. If you want to pull older tags you will need to issue other commands
+The only exception to this is that it only pulls from the master tree. 
 If you want to then work on an older version then do the following for example if you want to work on 2.6.14: 
 git-reset --hard v2.6.14 
+If you want to update to a tag older than 2.6.11 you will need to use a git repository that contains all the history that was in Bitkeeper.  
 Sometimes after doing a git-pull you can have fatal merge errors. The best way to resolve this is often to type git-reset. 
 If you get funny kernel version numbers when using [Git] it is a "feature" that can be turned off by unsetting CONFIG_LOCAL_VERSION. If you are in the menuconfig you can do this by going to General setup-->Automatically append version information to the version string. 
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 There is a tool to help manage a series of patches called [Stacked Git |] or stgit for short. The [Debian] [Package] is called <tt>stgit</tt>. 
 Basically you create a branch (see above) and then manage stacks of patches in this and resync upstream when you want to. 
+!Mailing patches. ArnaldoMelo says  
+I use mutt for everything now, did it for years, then tried to use  
+thunderbird, evolution, kmail, you name it, ran away screaming back to  
+good old mutt + vi.  
+For sending patches I'll use git-send-email in the next DCCP batch, the  
+way it uses reply-to to chain patch series is awesome, and it'll save  
+lotsa time by being able to use it together with 'git-format-patch -n  
+origin', so, in summary what I do is:  
+1. git-clone --reference linus-2.6 davem-2.6 acme-2.6  
+2. hack away (these days, mostly merge like a turtle :-P)  
+3. GIT_AUTHOR_NAME="Gerrit" GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL="gerrit@..." git-commit -a -s  
+4. git-format-patch -n origin  
+5. write 0000-patch-series.txt describing the patche series  
+6. push to (that will be propagated to  
+, etc)  
+7. git-send-email with 0000-patch-series.txt and what was produced in  
+ step #4  
+8. rm -rf acme-2.6  
+9. hiatus, that thing called Real Work does a blunt, real time preempt  
+10. goto #1  
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