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 The marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation defines a Kernel as 
  Your plastic pal that's fun to be with. 
-Anyone got anything that they think they should add to this definition?  
+The Kernel internals is mostly hidden from users; originally, the kernel was surrounded by a [Shell] and user applications use the shell. (Think of a nut or stone-fruit - a kernel encompassed by a shell).  
+The kernel can have bits loaded at run time; each bit is called a Kernel [Module].  
 [Linux] is an example of a MonolithicKernel, while TheHurd is an example of a MicroKernel 
 Remember, you can't boot a kernel by itself, hence the ReligiousWar of [RMS] vs common usage. Attempting to boot "Linux" would result in something along the lines of "Kernel Panic: Cannot find init". Trying to boot what [RMS] calls GNU/Linux would result in the OS we know and love.