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-Here are my [slides |] and image:[ http://nimhq .net /wlug-hugin-example-small .jpg]  
+<?plugin WlugMember ?>  
+ Here are my [slides |] and image:  
+<a href=" http://www /photos/floydwilde/2617279350/" title=" wlug-hugin-example by nim, on Flickr"><img src=" .jpg" width="500" height="169" alt="wlug-hugin-example" /></a>  
 I created this in [Hugin|] from two pictures I took of the audience at my graphics presentation. 
 Since I've joined the WlugCommittee, I thought I'd better write something here. I've recently immigrated to New Zealand from Chicago, USA. I'm employed by RimuHosting, a situation I have wlug to thank for, since it was on the mailing list where I saw Peter's job posting.