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10 JohnBillings 3 Here are my [slides |] and image:
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7 JohnBillings 7 I created this in [Hugin|] from two pictures I took of the audience at my graphics presentation.
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3 JohnBillings 9 Since I've joined the WlugCommittee, I thought I'd better write something here. I've recently immigrated to New Zealand from Chicago, USA. I'm employed by RimuHosting, a situation I have wlug to thank for, since it was on the mailing list where I saw Peter's job posting.
11 Every now and then you will see the topic on SlashDot about what role LUGs are continuing to play and if they are still valid. I see WLUG as one group that should be highlighted when this question pops up. IMO they are creating a great model of what a LUG can do, and how they should organize and operate. I'm glad to have the opportunity to contribute to this group.
13 Now I get to post links to the great clubs and organizations I've worked with in the past. I've been involved with a lot of great LUGs over the years, but it's the time I've spent helping to organize sister FreeGeek projects in Chicago and South Bend, Indiana that I am most proud of (appropriate that FreeGeek may be the first wiki word I create on this site):
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11 JohnBillings 18 And just want to shout out to my friends back at:
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