"The primary goal of the IvyTV Project is to create a kernel driver for the iTVC15 familiy of MPEG codecs. The iTVC15 family includes the iTVC15 (CX24315) and iTVC16 (CX24316). These chips are commonly found on Hauppauge's WinTV PVR-150, PVR-250, PVR-350, and PVR-500 TV capture cards"

ivtv is a linux v4l2 kernel driver for TvTunerCards like the Hauppauge WinTV PVR-350 used in a recent WLUG MythTV presentation.

Some PVR cards have a MCE suffix - which says that the included software is just for WindowsMCE. These cards work fine under IvTv - you don't need to spend the extra for a non-MCE version.

If you are running Ubuntu Feisty or higher, the IvTv driver is built into the distribution kernel and will not need to be added separately.

More information can be found at ( previously ) or at IvTvNotes