Isomer knows his ABC's:

<Isomer> a is for awk, which runs like a snail
<Isomer> b is for biff, which reads all your mail
<Isomer> c is for cc, as hackers recall
<Isomer> d is for dd, the command that does all
<Isomer> e is for emacs, which rebinds your keys
<Isomer> f is for fsck, which rebuilds your trees
<Isomer> g is for grep, a clever detective
<Isomer> h is for halt, which might seem defective
<Isomer> i is for indent, which rarely amuses
<Isomer> j is for join, which nobody uses
<Isomer> k is for kill, which makes you the boss
<Isomer> l is for lex which is missing from dos
<Isomer> m is for more, from which less was begot
<Isomer> n is for nice which really is not
<Isomer> o is for od which output things nice
<Isomer> p is for passwd that outputs things twice
<Isomer> Q Is FoR QuoTa Of BerKleY typE FaBle
<Isomer> R is for Ranlib which sorts ar table
<Isomer> s is for spell which likes to belittle
<Isomer> t is for true which does very little
<Isomer> u is for uniq which comes after sort
<Isomer> v is for vi, which is hard to abort
<Isomer> w is for whoami which tells you your name
<Isomer> x is well X, of dubious fame
<Isomer> y is for yes which makes an impression
<Isomer> z is for zcat which reverses compression
<Isomer> :)

He admitted this too: no I'm not (copypasting, ed.), I know it off by heart :P

He did have one mistake, which he corrected later.

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