MicrosoftCorporation's web server. Would you believe that MS don't have a decent web site about it? You can read about it on

After changing from June 2002 to 2000 to reflect the graph, I noticed these numbers seem to be wrong. apache and iis go down instead of up. what are the correct dates and numbers?? -- JohnMcPherson, 12 Aug.

 Developer   June 2000   Percent   July 2002   Percent   Change 
 Apache   10964734   64.42   10811987   65.21   0.79 
 Microsoft   4243719   24.93   4176048   25.19   0.26 
 iPlanet   281681   1.66   214063   1.29   -0.37 
 Zeus   227857   1.34   183921   1.11   -0.23 


Totals for Active Servers Across All Domains June 2000 - July 2002

iPlanet is the sum of sites running iPlanet-Enterprise, Netscape-Enterprise, Netscape-!FastTrack, Netscape-Commerce, Netscape-Communications, Netsite-Commerce & Netsite-Communications.

Microsoft is the sum of sites running Microsoft-Internet-Information-Server, Microsoft-IIS, Microsoft-IIS-W, Microsoft-PWS-95, & Microsoft-PWS.

IIS is evil. (Just ask the folks at BugTraq.) If you must serve webpages from a MicrosoftWindows machine, at least install Apache, the open source web leader, instead. 10 million internet users can't be wrong. (Source:

See FrontPageExtensions

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