Gateway Christian Center, 950 Victoria Street, Hamilton (click address for map) 10am to 5pm, Saturday 6th of October.

On the whole I felt this was a fairly successful event. About 30 visitors early in the morning, mostly just finding out what Linux was about. I think six or seven people bought machines in, one was too old for Ubuntu, although it might have been OK with DSLinux or Puppy. Not a huge number of visitors but we probably couldn't have handled more.

Bruce's Notes. Things I need to remember for next year;

Make better use of previous experience. Reuse press releases and forms from previous InstallFests rather than writing them all again.

Send out press releases well in advance.

Have a registration system for people who plan to bring their machine along, so we know what to expect.

Configure networking in advance, it's too stressful trying to set things up when visitors are already arriving.

Let people know there are risks involved before you start resizing their NTFS partition! Make sure they have backups, just in case. Get disclaimer forms signed. I think we mostly did this OK, except we didn't print off any disclaimer forms.

Print off some disclaimers and feedback forms. We should have kept better count of how many turned up, where they heard about it, what machines were bought in and how many successful installs we had.

Have some sort of presentation prepared for people who are just curious. Try and organize more 'demonstration' machines that people can have a play on. Show off related technology. Lindsay had an asterisk telephone system, and a linux-based network camera, but could have used some presentation explaining how Linux / OSS was involved.