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 This page is designed for WlugCommittee (or anyone really) to discuss possible speakers and progress on getting them here. 
-[MS4.G.02|] is currently booked until Nov. 23rd 2009 . Contact JamieCurtis to book/rebook rooms if necessary. 
+[MS4.G.02|] is currently booked until Nov. 22rd 2010 . Contact JamieCurtis to book/rebook rooms if necessary. 
 !!Suggestions for our Regular Meetings speakers/topics ~ and follow up notes: 
-* PeterReutemann on WEKA?  
-* Dr. NickCavenagh on encryption - John will ask  
-* VikOlliver - RepRap - LizQuilty is scheduling for June (In cooperation with NZCS - DavidHallett organizing Wintec meeting room )  
-* The WlugSysadmins - May meeting  
-* JohnMcpherson to present on global - JohnBillings asked, JohnM said maybe later in the year  
-* NatTorkington - Has been sent an invite, said he'd love to when he finds an excuse to come to Hamilton  
-* AndrewMcmillan - John has asked, looking for an excuse to come to Hamilton  
-* Steven Ellis OpenMedia - no action yet  
-* Gavin Treadgold [Sahana|http ://] - JohnB asked, said later in the year very likely.  
-* Invite organizers of LinuxConfAu - John will get around to. Makes sense later in the year closer to the conference.  
-* Local businesses that might use Linux (and be interested in support SFD) - no action yet  
-* FlightGear - LindsayDruett is very keen to do a presentation on FlightGear, it takes a little extra work to set up but there's a virtual Radio system using VoIP, scenery imported from Google Earth, etc. which puts FlightGear on a par with much more expensive commercial offerings.  
-* [IRLP| http://www .irlp .net/] - a VOIP system connecting Amateur Radio repeaters via the internet. The system uses SpeakFreely on CentOs, with some custom radio interface hardware . Bruce will ask [the Waikato VHF Group|http: //www .zl1is .info] (who run the Waikato node) or [KielyPetersen|http: //] (Kiely has set up an IRLP node at home) if they'd be prepared to do a talk on the technical details.  
-* Virtualisation - Bruce on VirtualBox sometime?  
-* Android - What is it? How does it work? What is it good for? Is it worth it. ~ Can someone suggest a presenter for this?  
-* Section 92A - Copyright Act - How does this affect FOSS, Linux and your average computer user. BruceKingsbury to approach AlexKing? to see if he is willing to help with this topic. (on second thought Pipers are [just up the road|] and <quote>Intellectual Property Law</quote> is their thing. I should ask them.)  
-* Cloud computing and the battle for the next user interface. ~ Please suggest a presenter for this
+* Robert D Davidson - Alternative Cosmology Research (Need summary and how it relates to FOSS )  
+* Ronnie - programming languages  
+* John - Drupal 7  
+* Ian - Lightweight Linux Distros  
+* Technology Wise - (Get Michael or someone over for a talk)  
+* Watch one of these videos :  
+ http://mirror .internode /pub /linux .conf .au /2010 /index .html  
 !!Suggestions for other things, beyond the regular meeting 
 Revisit doing some [Introdution to Linux Seminars|]