Don't try and give your client machines IP addresses -- make use of the stateless address auto-configuration and just set up zebra or radvd on your gateway. See Simple IPv6 HOWTO for a quick introduction.

Tunnel Brokers

The following Tunnel Brokers are well known for the New Zealand area, see the Wikipedia link for more information about them:


  • AARNet in Australia and maybe in New Zealand too (uses Hexago's Gateway6)
  • Go6 is one of the most common tunnel providers (uses Hexago's Gateway6)
  • IPv6Now in Australia (uses Hexago's Gateway6, offers static tunnels)
  • Hurricane Electric was recommended by Andy Linton during his talk on the APE-WIX IPv6 testbed.
  • SixXS ACSData PoP in Wellington, New Zealand

Seem to not exist/function anymore:

IPv6 Configuration

Also see OSSetup or Using Subnets

SixXS also allows manual configuration though, eg with static tunnels. Manual configuration is partially possible with Hexago's Gateway6.

If you want a statically assigned address, you'll probably need to use a tunnel broker, which is most likely, latency wise etc, a good idea anyhow. Otherwise you can try 6to4 or Teredo though latency for those and debugging is far from optimal, they also don't provide static addresses.

  • For Hexago's Gateway6: issue apt-get install tspc. This is a very old version of the Gateway6 client. The current version is called gw6c and is available from the Go6 site site or from the IPv6Now site, amongst others. There are source and binary distributions.
  • For SixXS: issue apt-get install aiccu

Both AICCU and the Hexago Gateway6 Client are also available for Windows, and the various BSD's.


Make sure IPv6 is either compiled into the Kernel, or compile it as a module and load it by way of modprobe ipv6.

For debugging, you'll want to install traceroute6 and ping6; on Debian, apt-get install iputils-tracepath iputils-ping.

A cheap way of installing IPv6 under Linux is to grab a 6to4 script, put it in your /etc/init.d directory, and set it to run on boot. That's it, you're done. (See 6to4 for a more involved explanation as to what this script does.)

Windows Vista

Installed per default, tries to use ISATAP (Corporate networks), 6to4 and then Teredo.

Windows XP

Start up a command prompt and type netsh int ipv6 install

Windows 2000

The following page may be of some assistance: Microsoft IPv6 Technology Preview for Windows 2000 Downloads with fixes for various services packs can be found here

Windows NT4

There is a beta stack available, it works, but try to avoid this platform, it is old.


GENERIC supports it by default, but otherwise compile support into your kernel with the following options

options         INET6
device          gif                     # IPv6 and IPv4 tunneling
device          faith                   # for IPv6 and IPv4 translation
device          stf                     # 6to4 IPv6 over IPv4 encapsulation


See IFM's configuration wizard

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