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 The 2.6.0 stable series of kernel has native IPSec support. This means you dont need to patch it - you do need to compile in IPSec support and any other required features, and you do still some UserSpace tools. 
 2.6.0 is currently (6 Nov 2003) nearing its final test release, and should be deemed 'final' very soon. I am already running 2.6.0 quite happily, although not with IPSec. 
+The [IPSec Howto|] covers 2.5/2.6 native IPSec using the linux port of [KAME|], or using the linux port of OpendBSD's [isakmpd|].  
 !Vanilla Kernel/FreeS/WAN from source 
 Get the latest FreeS/WAN source package - the FreeS/WAN homepage recommends typing