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-!!Setting up IPSEC tunnelling over a NAT d M1122 
+!!Setting up IPSEC tunnelling over a NAT' d M1122 
 I have an [IPSec] gateway server (FreeSwan) running on a public IP address, and I want to make tunnels from machines that 
 sit behind [ADSLModems] (in this case, a Nokia [M1122].) Thankfully, it was a bit easier to acheive than I thought it might be, and you don't have to worry about NatTraversal at all. 
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  rightrsasigkey= ... 
 Comments welcomed. 
+I came to this page for confirmation of following assumption:  
+leftsubnet might contain the leftnexthop and left.%%%  
+e.g leftsubnet is , leftnexthop is, left is  
+Haven't found a quick answer somwhere else so I did tests: Of course it does work.