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@@ -17,4 +17,6 @@
 |<__IPSec__ |>778.30 kB/s |>25% | 0.3 
 |<__IPSec Compress__ |>766.67 kB/S |>30% | 0.3 
 The load has definitely decreased since I did the original numbers. I guess something else must have been doing something. We can also see that using a real file (ie one that isnt made up exclusively of zeros) takes a massive cut out of the compressed performance - in fairness, the .exe is already packed pretty tightly so there is probably nothing the IPSec compression could really do. If you have a lot of uncompressed traffic floating around (telnet, web, whatever) then it might help. For file transfers where the targets are usually already compressed, it makes no real difference and can actually negate any advantage, as has happened here. 
+''Could the load havebeen due to the compressor being able to do a lot of work?''